(Press release: Mönchengladbach, 30.03.2020) – E-Stream Energy GmbH & Co KG (“E-Stream”) was founded more than 15 years ago in 2004 as an IT service provider focusing on supply and the provision of hardware and software for the commercial sector. Four years ago, in 2016, a reorientation took place: E-Stream Energy focuses on renewable energies and develops versatile high-performance energy storage systems for stationary and mobile applications.

At its locations near Kassel and Mönchengladbach, E-Stream takes its products from research and development through various test stages, at which series conformity and practicability are checked, the manufacture of the first prototypes to series maturity and the planned final production.

Frank Gronwald, Site Manager Mönchengladbach: “With the establishment of our competence centre in Mönchengladbach, we have reached an important milestone in our latest development. The consolidation of our know-how at one location creates more efficiency and speed. This is an important USP compared to our competitors, especially as a medium-sized company”.

The advantages of the battery systems developed by E-Stream are obvious. Based on lithium-ion round cells, energy storage modules can be freely scaled and adapted to the respective area of application or their special requirements. With a charging time of up to less than 15 minutes in the range of 20% to 80%, E-Stream’s modules offer the possibilities of what is technically feasible compared to modules from other suppliers.

In addition to the high energy density and the high load capacity of the modules, the E-Stream systems have special thermal properties: They are more space-saving and can be used much more flexibly. This is particularly important for the automotive sector.

“By bundling the different areas of development, laboratory and production, we enable our advanced technology to take the next step towards market introduction. In addition to the already existing cooperations with leading universities and companies in the electrical industry, we have been able to win further strategic partners with whom we intend to produce the first series products in the near future,” said Eugen Galwas, laboratory manager at E-Stream.

The two managing directors, Dirk Köster and Thomas Krämer, are sure that after almost 4 years of successful research and development and the upcoming introduction of the first products, the next step towards a successful future has been taken with the formation of a competence centre. “We have thus concentrated both research and development as well as prototype and future series production under one roof. The comprehensive know-how of the respective core competencies will thus further strengthen the performance of E-Stream,” summarizes Dirk Köster.

Thomas Krämer and Dirk Köster agree “that with Frank Gronwald and Eugen Galwas as executives, the right people have been appointed to key positions at E-Stream.”