(Press release:Moenchengladbach, April 15, 2020) – Chemnitz Technical University and the ICM (Institut Chemnitzer Maschinen- und Anlagenbau e.V.) are jointly developing drive systems for small fuel cell vehicles. In combination, a fuel cell and a high-performance traction battery will power the hybrid vehicles. The Mönchengladbach-based company E-Stream Energy was commissioned to develop the important liquid-temperature battery system. The battery system will be based on lithium-ion technology and, with the help of a battery management system, intelligently distribute the energy obtained from the fuel cells to the vehicle’s drive system.

“We are pleased thatss EStream is on board as a medium-sized company when it comes to the development of such future-oriented technologies in Germany. On the way to e-mobility, innovative battery technology is the decisive step into the future”, Thomas Krämer, CEO of EStream Energy, is sure.

The most efficient fuel cell works evenly throughout. A sophisticated battery system is needed to avoid under- or full load – for example, when the vehicle stops at a traffic light or accelerates for a short time. The power control must then be handled by a battery management system.

Thomas Krämer: “The hybrid concept combines technological advantages from two worlds. The fuel cells provide the vehicle’s range. The battery and the important management system provide dynamics and driving pleasure. “

The advantages of the hybrid drive, which is a combination of fuel cell and battery, include short charging times, long ranges, high performance, low weight, long service life and high cost efficiency.

Dirk Köster, CCO of E-Stream Energy: “If the domestic automotive industry wants to stand up to global competition, existing concepts must be further developed, innovative solutions created and these must be quickly established on the market. The German government has also recognized this. The economic stimulus package, which is worth billions, is explicitly intended to promote the purchase of electric cars and support the expansion of charging stations.