One Mission

Powering the Future.

E-Stream Energy can look back on 15 years of history. Founded in 2004 as an IT service provider with a focus on purchase and the provision of hardware and software for the commercial sector, the company repositioned itself in 2016. Today, E-Stream Energy is active in the field of renewable energies and has entered into the development of versatile high-performance energy storage systems for stationary and mobile applications.
As an innovative developer, E-Stream Energy occupies a prominent position in the value chain. At its locations in Kassel and Mönchengladbach, E-Stream Energy manages its products from research and development through various test stages at which series conformity and practicability are tested, to the production of initial prototypes through to mass production.

Powering our Company.

Thomas Krämer
Thomas KrämerCEO
Thomas Krämer has been active in the consulting and financial business since 1993. It has always been his goal to network all relevant areas of the financial market in the interests of his clients. With an almost British style of fair sportsmanship, he always aims for the best result in each individual case. Simply because he knows that only the best solution is a solution. One of his particularly pleasant qualities is his ability to explain ideas and concepts openly and comprehensibly.
Dirk Köster
Dirk KösterCEO
As a trained broker and true homo economicus, Dirk Köster has been at home in the classic investment sector since the early 1990s. His feeling for numbers and a fine sensitivity for developments on the financial markets have already accompanied his investments in renowned institutions such as “Dean Witter Reynolds”, “Merrill Lynch” and “Prudential Bache”. Dirk Köster loves and lives open sights in the interests of his clients. His language is plain language. Also between the lines. Based on his profound experience he is co-founder of Timberland Capital Management GmbH. The company was initially active in individual portfolio management, but has also been implementing the dividend strategy for investors in Germany since the launch of the Timberland funds.


E-Stream Energy – for clean Energy in the future.

years of expertise in storage systems.
employees form a strong team.
locations – Made in Germany.
Vision : To become the energy store of the future.

E-Stream Energy

Flexible energy storage – Made in Germany!

The trend towards renewable energies and the associated energy storage requirements has developed into a multi-billion market in which the E-Stream Energy team plays a leading role and participates.

As a result of our drive for innovation and our feeling for future trends, we have been developing the high-performance and scalable battery storage solution with versatile industrial and home applications since 2016. Our lithium-ion technology has already been tested by several accredited, independent institutes and its above-average performance has been confirmed.

Our production facilities are located at two locations in Germany.