(Press release: Krefeld, December 16, 2019) – E-Stream Energy GmbH & Co. KG has developed an innovative battery system that can be used flexibly depending on the application and does not overheat even under high loads. The battery system is extremely powerful and can be charged from 20 to 80 percent in just 15 minutes. It has been successfully tested by several independent testers and already serves as the drive technology in an electric vehicle. E-Stream Energy has thus successfully completed its research and development phase.

In November 2019, the battery system was installed for the first time in an E-Stream Energy e-vehicle and is regularly used for inner-city trips in Krefeld. Previously, E-Stream Energy had received transport certification for lithium-ion batteries. The battery system is to be tested in other electric vehicles in the coming months.

High scalability thanks to “Packaging”

E-Stream Energy’s battery system is manufactured from interconnected battery modules. The modular design (“packaging”) enables flexible scaling in terms of size and performance and thus individual production for the benefit of the customer. The installed components are light and robust. This means that the battery system can be used not only in stationary applications, but also as a mobile energy storage device. Target groups are industries such as automotive, solar and wind energy, energy networks, shipping and aviation, IT and telecommunications, logistics and agriculture. But private customers should also be able to use the battery systems in their own homes and on the move.

High energy density thanks to lithium-ion round cells

E-Stream Energy uses only commercially available lithium-ion round cells in its battery system. The company is thus focusing on a key technology in the field of energy storage and the most widely used cell format. Already today, lithium-ion round cells dominate the market for rechargeable energy storage devices. The main reasons for this are the higher energy density compared to other cell formats, the slow self-discharge, the long life cycle and the low weight. In addition, they are produced in large quantities and are therefore relatively cheap and available worldwide. With these properties, lithium-ion round cells are very well suited for use in electric vehicles.

High reliability thanks to innovative thermal management

The heat generated in the housing during battery operation is optimally distributed and dissipated by an innovative cell interconnection technology. This minimizes overheating and short-circuit risks and increases reliability. E-Stream Energy’s new thermal management thus makes a decisive contribution to the performance and service life of battery systems.

High sustainability thanks to recyclability

The battery systems from E-Stream Energy are assembled exclusively using manual, detachable connection techniques. This allows the battery system to be dismantled without destroying any components. The built-in lithium-ion round cells can be replaced independently and without great effort. The high availability of the cells guarantees fast maintenance. Cell replacement means that technologically outdated cells can be replaced by both identical and more modern cells. This significantly increases the service life and sustainability of the battery system. The removed cells can be used in other applications. This makes the battery systems from E-Stream Energy particularly sustainable.

Thomas Krämer, Managing Director of E-Stream Energy GmbH & Co KG: “With the completion of the research and development phase, we have reached a milestone on the way to the market launch of our innovative battery systems. Our goal is to provide both corporate and private customers with a tailored, highly efficient energy storage solution they can use entirely according to their own needs.”

E-Stream Energy’s battery system has been successfully tested in recent years by several independent auditors, including TÜV Rheinland LGA Products GmbH, TechnoLab GmbH and SGL Prüf- und Zertifizierungs GmbH.